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A paradigm shift in the way your organization acquires surveillance technologies and trains staff. Eliminate travel, lodging, per diems and get the tools and training needed. Joining the Covert Cooperative Program saves money on tools and training.

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Benefits of joining the Covert Cooperative Program

Why train one, when you can train many for the same price!

Travel expenses, loss of staff due to time off & limited budgets all erode the opportunity to enhance your agency's training in specialized areas such as surveillance. The COVERT COOPERATIVE, a custom designed delivery platform that lowers the cost of getting new technology and includes the expert training needed to deploy it. One price! Trains All! We are a membership based program that offers products and services tailored for your officers and your students.

Learn the skills necessary to select, deploy and maintain covert video and audio surveillance technologies

2017 is the year to enhance your tools and training!

It's time to put an end to high prices and low selection of technology. The Covert Cooperative Program gives agencies the power of GROUP BUYING through membership. Instead of buying a single item at street pricing, your agency saves an average of 30 to 70 percent off the market price. By sourcing products directly from the manufactures, we expand the power of your budget.


We're offering a selection of FREE covert training videos for each member of the Covert Cooperative. The selection of products depends on the level of membership, but on average the items cover at least 50% of the annual membership cost. In addition, your agency will be considered a FOUNDING MEMBER of the program, which locks in your annual membership price for life.

  • PURCHASE POWER! Members get the deepest possible discounts on all items within our product directory. Our job is to get the best pricing PERIOD!
  • COP FRIENDLY TRAINING! We know how to create training modules that cater to the technical level of each student and we create easy to follow instructions.

Unlimited Staff Training! Best pricing on all your tools!

The Covert Cooperative

Now you can keep your surveillance technology on the cutting edge and your officers constantly trained for one annual price.

Innovative  Surveillance Technology Courses

Innovative Surveillance Technology Courses

Cop centric surveillance technology sources specially crafted to conform to the needs of today's officers. We cut thru the techno babble and give students what they need to get the job done and make cases!

Seasoned Professional Instructors

Seasoned Professional Instructors

Our faculty and staff members are passionate about educating your officers. Some are active or retired sworn officers that acquired their expertise by doing. Others are nationally recognized industry professionals with a focus on technology and it's application in law enforcement.

Flexible Membership Plans

Flexible Membership Plans

Covert Cooperative membership plans allow agencies large or small to participate. Figure out what works best for you and plan accordingly.

Hands On Training Held At Your Location.

Hands On Training Held At Your Location.

Live interactive training with experienced faculty or staff. Step by step tutoring on equipment operation or answers to your questions.

You can schedule a webinar with a Covert Cooperative team to train your staff or they can access previously recorded sessions 24 / 7 / 365 via our KnowledgeBANK.

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Group Webinar Sessions with fellow Covert Cooperative members.

Group Webinar Sessions with fellow Covert Cooperative members.

Find out what others in the industry are doing! What works and does not work on our private web sessions held monthly.

Why wait for an annual meeting to find out what others are using for covert surveillance. Each month, The Covert Cooperative sponsors an OPEN FORUM discussion that allows an exchange of ideas, successes and questions with your peers.

Put an end to buying products and not getting professional operational instructions.


We make our tools so you can learn fast, without getting bored.

Video Training

Video Training

Interactive, web based presentations by knowledgeable instructors.

HARNESS THE POWER OF TODAY"S DISTANCE LEARNING Though on site training courses are the standard, video has proven to be a more effective teaching tool, especially for law enforcement professionals. The Covert Cooperative Program leverages the expansion of internet connectivity and video streaming to help cut your agencies expenses and increases the access to others within the department.

Group Seminars

Group Seminars

THERE IS POWER IN NUMBERS! THE POWER TO SAVE AND LEARN! By offering web based training sessions, we are able to accommodate everyones training schedules. In addition, this allows you to invite as many of your staff to participate from wherever they are: in your training room, at their desk or remotely via a smart device.

Expert Surveillance Instructors

Expert Surveillance Instructors

Our dedicated instructors eat, sleep and breath covert surveillance. It is their single mission to advance the knowledge of both the technology and applications for law enforcement.

Individual and Group Coaching Sessions

Individual and Group Coaching Sessions

Now you will have access to a team of experts to guide your agency on products or platforms being considered.

Our Covert Cooperative Program instructors are passionate about surveillance. They truly care about whether or not you succeed.

Our instructors are seasoned veterans in law enforcement or recognized industry Subject Matter Experts.

Register to win a FREE annual membership to the Covert Cooperative Program.

Win a SILVER LEVEL MEMBERSHIP for your agency and and a pair of Covert HD Video Sunglasses for yourself!

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Sign Up as a Charter Member Agency and get the following BONUS items for FREE!

Get the value of your agency membership in FREE surveillance tools!



Transforms your smartphone in to a powerful Digital Forward Observer!

SmartEGS Digital Video Glasses

SmartEGS Digital Video Glasses

Stylish sports glasses with interchangeable lens. Powerful HD audio and video recorder.
Smartphone Covert Case Camera / Recorder.

Smartphone Covert Case Camera / Recorder.

Transform your iPhone into a Hide In Plain Sight covert video recording platform.

Covert Video Sport Bottle

Covert Video Sport Bottle

Records HD quality audio and video . Functional bottle or converts into a Hide In Plain Sight surveillance appliance.
Covert Smartphone Charger Camera

Covert Smartphone Charger Camera

As simple as it gets! A powerful HD video and audio recorder in the form factor of a USB phone charger
Credit Card Thin Digital Audio Recorder

Credit Card Thin Digital Audio Recorder

Fits in everything from your wallet to the lining of your clothing.

Want to learn how to become a Covert Cooperative Charter Agency? Click on this button!

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Get updated on the latest surveillance platforms and get the best possible pricing!

Self paced training or live web based presentations or coaching!


Felicia N  Edwards

Felicia N Edwards

President / C.E.O.

Felicia Nicole Edwards has been marketing video technology to law enforcement for over 16 years. Having designed and developed software and firmware for body wearable technology, she has taught both technical and operational coursework on the use of video.

Charles Neives

Charles Neives

Platform Design & Fabrication

Without a doubt one of the country's foremost SME on the design, fabrication and installation of covert video platforms. He has developed and marketed a host of innovative covert video surveillance platforms and continues to secure special request projects for the law enforcement sector.

His list of custom fabrication clients include Federal, State and Local law enforcement organizations. His products and teaching style is tailored for the working law enforcement professional.

Bruce Wanner

Bruce Wanner

Technical Subject Matter Expert

Bruce has spent over 30 years designing electronic surveillance platforms. Starting his career in the US Navy.
-Experienced Surveillance platform engineer
- Designed surveillance platforms and equipment per customer request, including
audio, video, RF, control circuitry, and power systems
- Designed and prototyped portable intelligence systems, including circuitry,
mechanical and human interface

Ray C. Edwards

Ray C. Edwards

Video Technology Subject Matter Expert

Ray is a nationally recognized SME on the use of video in law enforcement applications. Having been featured on The Law Enforcement Television Network, HBO Shock Video and other programs featuring video applications in surveillance.

He has over 30 years experience in the design, manufacturing and marketing of video technologies for use in the Public Safety sector. He has written articles and white papers on the use of mobile, body worn and surveillance video platforms.

Patrick Calnan

Patrick Calnan

Mobile Platforms Fabrication

Patrick is a SME on the design and fabrication of surveillance vans and transportable platforms,


We have several different plans to cover your business needs



  • 24/7/365 Self Paced Video Training Library Access
  • Group Buy Procurement Access
  • Personalized Product Web based Training
  • Weekly 'New' Technology Briefing
  • Access to Train The Trainer Webinar
  • Weekly New Technology Briefing Newsletter



  • 2 Hours Per Month Technology Mentoring and Agency Coaching Services. Allows you to use our experts to guide you on the selection and procurement of standard or specialized technologies. One on One consulting.
  • 600 Covert Coop Points that can be redeemed for products and services on our web portal.
  • Weekly 'New' Technology Briefing
  • Quarterly Agency Customized Training Webinar to review product training or new technology.



  • 24 / 7 / 365 Access to Training KnowledgeBANK allows self paced training and review of subject matter.
  • Monthly Agency Customized Training Session set to your schedule.
  • Strategic Sourcing Service for specialized projects.

Diamond Level Plan


  • Our ultimate membership level affording all the benefits of level below PLUS
  • Option to schedule a monthly LIVE training webinar for members of it's internal staff.
  • Custom agency based cloud learning academy with your current internal courses. Does not include creation of courses or system administration..
  • Equipment credit of 4000 units which can be applied to the purchase of items from the Covert Cooperative Directory of Products. This an annual allocation and cannot be carried over.

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